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Top Tips for Looking After Your Folding Glasses

At ROAV our team of passionate designers and engineers have succeeded in creating the world’s thinnest folding frame for eyewear. With remarkable durability and a compact design, these glasses have been created for people enjoying life on the go. Our designs are minimalistic, yet modern, with a diverse range of frame shapes and coloured lenses. Despite being hardwearing, there are still a few care tips required for folding glasses. Rubber Sleeve Case When not in use, store your fold up glasses in your rubber sleeve case to keep them protected. Using a sleeve case helps you to fit the glasses in your pocket without sacrificing their safety. A rubber sleeve case will also help to hold the glasses in place...

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What’s So Great About Lightweight Glasses?

For on the go style, lightweight glasses are your solution to effortless travel fashion. Manufactured using ultra-thin stainless-steel sets ROAV glasses at less than 20 grams in weight, thereby providing ultimate comfort for all day wear. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of lightweight glasses as your summer stable this season, discover the benefits here.

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Why You Need Foldable Sunglasses This Summer

Every year, sunglasses are the must have accessory of the summer, so you’ll no doubt be investing in a new pair for this season. Whilst style is so important, it’s important that you don’t neglect to choose a design which is also practical and comfortable. Foldable sunglasses are travel friendly, well fitted and brilliantly designed. Featuring state of the art technology, ROAV foldable eyewear will provide unbeatable style throughout the summer and beyond.

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