Top Tips for Looking After Your Folding Glasses

At ROAV our team of passionate designers and engineers have succeeded in creating the world’s thinnest folding frame for eyewear. With remarkable durability and a compact design, these glasses have been created for people enjoying life on the go. Our designs are minimalistic, yet modern, with a diverse range of frame shapes and coloured lenses.

Despite being hardwearing, there are still a few care tips required for folding glasses.

Rubber Sleeve Case

When not in use, store your fold up glasses in your rubber sleeve case to keep them protected. Using a sleeve case helps you to fit the glasses in your pocket without sacrificing their safety.

A rubber sleeve case will also help to hold the glasses in place while on your travels. Instead of rattling in a case that is too big for both your glasses and travel suitcase.


Our folding glasses have been designed with surgical grade stainless steel combined with proprietary screw-less design technology.The screwless hinges are made within two adjoining metal parts, to prevent the frame from loosening, thereby saving you from having to look for lost parts.

The result is an eyewear design which can only be dismantled, not theoretically broken. If your glasses get accidentally dismantled, you can send them to our team to be reassembled.

Rust to Frame

As well as durability, surgical grade stainless steel is also beneficial for providing a rust-free design. During manufacturing, your fold up frames go through a vapor deposition process to provide a long lasting, clean finish. However, if you are travelling near the sea, remember that prolonged exposure to saltwater can erode the plating and cause lens damage.

Gentle Cleaning

To avoid scratching, use a perfectly clean cloth when wiping fingerprints off your lenses. If using a tea towel, make sure it has not been washed with a dryer sheet or fabric softener. This will help to avoid smears on your lenses.

Buying Your Folding Glasses

At ROAV our folding glasses are durable, compact and sleek for on the go style. We pride ourselves on innovative designs and providing quality products for our customers. If your glasses ever do become dismantled, remember that you can send them to our team to be reassembled. Therefore, guaranteeing that they will be pieced back together correctly for long lasting wear.

To shop our wide range of folding glasses please click here, to find a frame to suit your personal style and face shape.