What’s So Great About Lightweight Glasses?

For on the go style, lightweight glasses are your solution to effortless travel fashion. Manufactured using ultra-thin stainless-steel sets ROAV glasses at less than 20 grams in weight, thereby providing ultimate comfort for all day wear.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of lightweight glasses as your summer stable this season, discover the benefits below:

Weightless Comfort

A lightweight design allows your glasses to sit on your nose and ears a lot more comfortably. With a weightless frame you can enjoy day-to-day wear with minimal discomfort. With less slippage and no more sore noses, you may even forget they are there!

Durable Design

The key to creating a durable pair of lightweight glasses is using the least amount of parts as possible to create your final design. Therefore, you have fewer parts to potentially break, making them last much longer. We have also created the design to be screw-free and spring loaded, so you won’t be running around looking for loose screws.

To achieve this we use patented micro-hinges, which are press-formed into a stainless steel frame. This creates greater support for your eyewear, compared to common glasses hinges which are usually riveted or soldered.

Effortless Style

With less material weighing down your eyewear, designs can be a lot more flexible. If you so wish, you can opt for more minimalistic designs better suited to your face shape. There is also a choice of lens colour, if you are looking for more striking designs.

Travel Essential

With so much to pack with you on your journeys, make eyewear one less worry. Our foldable designs eliminate the need for bulky glasses cases. Instead carry them seamlessly in your pocket or purse, with our smooth and compact new pouches.

Protective Lens

Although they may be minimal in design, they are not minimal in safety! Our lightweight glasses provide complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. In addition to glare-cutting polarization, which when combined will keep your eyes safely protected.

Shopping for Lightweight Glasses

Strong, stylish and lightweight glasses are what we aim for at ROAV Eyewear. We are looking to shake up the industry, with our passionate team of designers and engineers ready at the drawing board. With a broad range of lightweight glasses to choose from, shop our minimalist yet edgy designs at our online store.