Why You Need Foldable Sunglasses This Summer

Every year, sunglasses are the must have accessory of the summer, so you’ll no doubt be investing in a new pair for this season. Whilst style is so important, it’s important that you don’t neglect to choose a design which is also practical and comfortable. Foldable sunglasses are travel friendly, well fitted and brilliantly designed. Featuring state of the art technology, ROAV foldable eyewear will provide unbeatable style throughout the summer and beyond.

Put a pair of foldable sunglasses at the top of your summer 2019 wish list to enjoy the following benefits:


As creators of the world’s thinnest folding sunglasses, our eyewear features a lightweight and stylish design. The stainless steel body and patented micro hinges collaborate to provide remarkable durability all year round. There are fewer parts to snap on ROAV Eyewear designs, as our glasses don’t have soldered or riveted hinges like many other brands. Our designs are also screwless to reduce breakage and lost parts.

Travel Friendly

While holiday packing, you won’t need to worry about your sunglasses using too much of your hand luggage allowance. With a minimalistic design and no bulky cases, our foldable sunglasses weigh less than 20 grams.

Thinner than an iPhone, they are also easy to carry around day-to-day, as all of our ROAV frames will fold and fit smoothly into the most compact pockets and purses. ROAV sunglasses come with a protective pouch to store your foldable sunglasses in, so you need not worry about scratches or damage.

ROAV sunglasses are anywhere eyewear, designed to go with you on every adventure.



A lightweight design made from ultra-thin stainless steel will provide a comfortable fit. You won’t need to worry about constantly pushing your sunglasses upright, while trying to enjoy a beautiful beach view. Our frames are so light that you’ll easily forget that you’re wearing sunglasses, so you won’t feel irritated.

Sun Protection

While lounging in the sun all day long, you need to keep your eyes protected. Shopping for high quality sunglasses with lenses large enough to shield your eyes are essential. Foldable sunglasses featuring glare-cutting polarisation provide full protection from UVA and UVB rays.


With a range of designs available, you’re guaranteed to find sunglasses to suit your face shape and personal taste. As well as a range of neutral coloured frames, we have a colourful palette of sunglass lenses.

Choosing Foldable Sunglasses

If you do one thing this summer, invest in a quality pair of foldable sunglasses. Keep your eyes protected, frames secure and packing light with ROAV Eyewear. Browse our designs online today to get your summer wardrobe ready.